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Workplan – (revised October 2005)

Due date
Initial discussions to finalise project design and awareness-raising seminar in ILRI
Dec 2004
Recruit post doc who will be direct link with ODI expertise
March 2005
Workshop in Kenya for ODI to train project staff in methodology developed by IDRC/IFPRI and ODI to determine policy impact.
Jan 2005
Kenya Case Study Fieldwork (evaluation of SDP), led by ODI team
Jan-Feb 2005
Kenya workshop to discuss the results
Feb/March 2005
Kenya case study written up an published in printed and web-based formats
August 2005
Establish moderated website built to facilitate interaction of groups within and between countries and allow posting of case study updates. 
October 2005
Evaluation of remaining two case studies in a second and third country in the region (probably, Ethiopia and Uganda or Tanzania) including in-country workshops, publication of case studies and web discussions etc
November 2005 to March 2006
Compilation of results of all country case studies, printed and web-based publications and preparation for regional workshop
March-June 2006
Regional workshop: Key representatives from DFID and from the organisations in each country will meet to consolidate lessons learnt from each case-study. A framework for guiding new projects will be developed. 
July 2006