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Log-frame December 2004

Narrative Summary
Objectively Verifiable Indicators
Means of Verification
Important Assumptions
CG, NARS and partners implement research that contributes to pro-poor policy outcomes
Identify and institutionalise innovative research and development approaches leading to pro-poor outcomes
Institutions adopt innovative approaches
Research reports describing research using new approaches
The new approaches are effective at leading to pro-poor outcomes
1. Refined methodology to evaluate role of information on policy change
Refined methods developed and tested in case study 1 by March 2005 and studies 2 and 3 by March 2006
Information materials that might include ‘how-to-do-it guidelines
Methodology is used to identify information sources and communication channels used by policy makers
2. Identification of innovative R&D mechanisms that lead to pro-poor policy outcomes
Mechanisms contributing to pro-poor policy outcomes identified by March 2006
On-line details of case study outcomes and ODI styple working and briefing papers 
Staff within institutions accept the need for new approaches and start to implement them
3. A framework to guide mew R&D projects
Framework developed by March 2006
A brochure/booklet or guidelines outlining the framework
The framework is user-friendly and acceptable to target institutions
4. Commitment from key CG, NARS and partner institutes to institutionalise new approaches
Commitments made by March 2006
Workshop reports and proceedings
Institutions from senior management down accept need for new approaches
Plan case studies and present awareness raising seminar (by 12/04)
ODI and ILRI staff are available
Recruit post-doc (by 03/05)
A suitable post-doc can be identified and contracted
ODI led training workshop (by 01/05)
Suitable case studies can be identified
Kenya case study field work (by 02/05)
Kenya workshop (by 03/05)
Senior management staff are willing to engage with researchers and evaluate outcomes with a view to promoting the new strategies within their institutes
Establish moderated website
Case study 2 field work and workshop (by 07/05)
Case study 3 field work and workshop (by 10/05)
Prepare information materials (by 03/06)
Regional workshop (03/06)