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Learning the lessons

Lessons will be drawn out from the case studies and from wider learning in the area of research and policy processes. These lessons will be used to develop a framework (principles and processes) to assist research and development partners to work in ways that are more likely to achieve positive policy outcomes in support of poor people’s livelihoods.

As the case studies progress, key lessons that emerge will be posted. These 'interim' lessons should be considered in the context of the country and sector for that particular case study, but nonetheless may be of value ahead of the general lessons being drawn from all the case studies.

Following completion of the case studies, various activities will be used to communicate these lessons and the resulting framework to international and national research and development partners. A Regional workshop will be held towards the end of the project to obtain further input from partners, and to continue the dissemination of lessons. Proposed outputs include a range of printed and web-based materials.

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