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Guiding Principles Workshop
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Guiding Principles Workshop

On 27th and 28th March 2007, a regional workshop was held in Nairobi to help develop a series of 'Guiding Principles' for enhancing the impact of research evidence on pro-poor policy change. This workshop represented a key output of the project, attempting to turn the lessons from the case studies and wider experiences into practically useful resources for those wanting to enhance their policy-level outcomes.

The workshop benefitted from the participation of a wide range of people representing different actor types from six East African countries as well as from international organisations. There were actors from national government and regulatory agencies, national research organisations, civil society organisations, private sector, international research organisations and donors.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  1. To present case study findings, and a draft set of ‘Guiding Principles’ that had emerged from them
  2. To discuss and enhance these ‘Guiding Principles’ based on participants’ experiences
  3. To explore key constraints which inhibit organisations from working in line with these ‘Guiding Principles’
  4. To identify some specific ways forward, as individual organisations and collectively, that may address these constraints, including fundable activities.

Prior to the workshop, a draft paper entitled Guiding Principles for achieving impact through policy change: A resource for researchers was circulated to participants. This draft paper provided a resource that was used during the workshop, enhanced by participants' own experiences and principles drawn from those experiences.

The workshop report can be downloaded here.

A series of presentations given at the workshop are also available:

 A set of case study briefs complemented these presentations, themselves based on the full case study reports (downloadable from the relevant case study pages on this website).