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Reports and documents

The full case study report has now been published.

The literature review conducted as part of this case study has been used to create an annotated bibliography, as well as contributing to the full case study report.

A consultant was engaged to produce an initial historical timeline, which was used as a resource during the workshop and interviews, and in producing the full case study report.

The 2-day Policy Impact Workshop was designed to collect information about the project from project staff and other stakeholders about the evolution of policy and practice in the dairy sector in Kenya and the project itself, and to explore the influence of specific project activities. The workshop notes (Adobe pdf 305kb) provide an overview of the workshop programme, the outputs of specific data-gathering sessions, and general comments and discussions among the participants during the workshop. Material on specific behavioural changes in key stakeholders and the reasons for them are presented in a separate excel spreadsheet.

Two Powerpoint presentations were used during the Policy Impact Workshop:

Mapping Smallholder Dairy Sector Change and the role of SDP (Powerpoint presentation 3MB) - which includes all of the material presented by the facilitators during the workshop, and some of the visual outputs.

SDP Stakeholders, Historical Time Lines & the Changes (Powerpoint presentation 108KB) - A presentation about the SDP project by the former project manager from the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development.

A brief summary of the Key lessons to come from the SDP case study is available.