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Case studies

A series of case studies is being carried out on specific areas of policy change, and in some cases specific projects which include policy-level impacts in their objectives. In conducting these case studies, there is simultaneous engagement with international and national research partners and other partner institutions in discussions about the issues, and emerging results from the case studies. These case studies will provide a framework for the institutions involved to learn and adopt new ways of working to achieve their goals.

Some key research questions are:

  • How do policymakers source information that contributes to the policy process?
  • What are the roles of research versus non-research actors?
  • What communication channels between actors affect whether there is policy impact?

There are three major case studies, one in each of three categories:

  1. A case focusing on a specific project, which is generally regarded to have had an influence on a specific area of policy change (See Case Study 1: The Smallholder Dairy Project and dairy policy change in Kenya).
  2. A case focused on a stream of research addressing an area of policy where it is generally considered that there has been some policy change, to determine if the influence expected was achieved and to identify the processes leading to success or failure (See Case Study 3: Natural Resource Management Policy in Ethiopia).
  3. A case focused on an area of livestock-related policy where there has been a clear policy shift (new policy statement, new law, or irrefutable change in the way things are done) to identify sources of information and factors leading to the change (See Case Study 2: Changes in urban agriculture policies in Kampala).

Some smaller case studies are also bing carried out, to broaden the contexts from which lessons can be learned. One such case study is looking at issues of regional policy processes in East Africa. See Case Study 4: Influencing regional agricultural policy issues in East Africa.