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What is being done?

The purpose of the project is to identify and institutionalise innovative research and development approaches leading to pro-poor outcomes.

The identification of appropriate approaches is being done through a series of case studies. But in order to analyse what are likely to be complex processes, much emphasis has been put on the development of appropriate methodology for studying policy processes, and the key events and influences on these processes. This methodology is being adapted as the case studies are carried out, so that an important output of the project will be a better understanding of how to analyse policy processes.

The case studies are being done in three different countries in East Africa. These case studies focus on specific areas of policy change, and in some cases specific projects which include policy-level impacts in their objectives. Having applied the methodology that has been developed, analysis of each policy process will use an analytical framework developed by ODI's RAPID programme, which emphasises political context, role of evidence and linkages, together with effects of the external environment.

While the case studies are being done, there is simultaneous engagement with international and national research partners and other partner institutions in discussions about the issues, and emerging results from the case studies.

The lessons that emerge from these case studies will provide a framework for the institutions involved to learn and adopt new ways of working to achieve their goals. So materials will be developed to facilitate the sharing of lessons, and the institutionalisation of approaches that are likely to maximise pro-poor policy outcomes.