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The project

The Process and Partnership for Pro-Poor Policy Change Project seeks to identify and institutionalise innovative research and development mechanisms and approaches that lead to pro-poor policy outcomes. It is being collaboratively implemented by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in partnership with a number of other international and national organizations.

The objectives are to draw lessons from different projects or activities that have sought to influence policy, so that such lessons can be used to inform the design of future efforts, and support institutional change in the way international and national research organisations and their partners engage with the policy process.

A series of case studies are being carried out, focusing on specific areas of policy change and in some cases specific projects which include in their objectives impacts at policy level.

A major focus is on identifying how policy makers source information that contributes to the policy process as well as the roles of research vis-à-vis non research actors and on communications between them. The case studies will provide a learning framework for the institutions involved to learn and adopt new ways of working to achieve their goals.

So what is the project doing?

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